The Journey with Jerry: Guard your Heart

The Journey with Jerry : You are Worth It

Who says you cant eat out and be healthy?

 Challenge restaurants to provide healthy options.

You are worth it!



Healthy Can Look and Taste so Good!

This colorful organic beet salad not only tastes

amazing, it also lights up the dinner table with

mixed greens, fennel, pink grapefruit and my

homemade tahini.  

           Check out my website for the recipes!

The Journey with Jerry

The Journey with Jerry: Challenge Yourself

The Journey with Jerry: It's Time!

Don't Let Excuses Hold You Back!

The Journey with Jerry: You Are Worth It

How can I support your?

The Journey with Jerry: Find Your Joy

Our journey in this life may lead us to some amazing accomplishments. We strive for success in this hurried world so that we can achieve our mission, whatever that may be. We have the fortitude to prove to ourselves that we are strong, that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to, but we are sometimes so fixated on the task that we forget to find the joy in what we are doing. Let’s enjoy our precious journey as we continued to grow and never forget to take good care our beautiful selves!

~ Jerry Moschella ~

The Journey with Jerry - Staying Cool in the summer

How are you staying cool this summer? Treating your taste-buds and your body can be healthy. 

Stay prepared with frozen bananas and frozen watermelon on hand!

Frozen watermelon combined with room temperature watermelon in a blender makes a delicious slushy!  

You can even spice it up with some mint and lime zest!

Try using frozen bananas mixed with your favorite berries and cocoa nibs! You won't miss traditional ice cream for a second!

What are some of your healthy summer goodies?"

Journey with Jerry - You Must Be The Change

You must be the change
When tragedies occur in our world it is often difficult to express how it might make us feel. It triggers a sense of fear or unrest, that we may not even realize. But how can we make a difference? I believe Ghandi expressed it best. You never realize how large a ripple love can make! Spread love, kindness, peace and happiness to others, you never know how if might change the course of their lives as well as your own! Wishing you peace!