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The Journey with Jerry - Let Go Of The Past

"Can We Trust Ourselves to Love Ourselves"

Are the decisions that we make and the actions that we take
leading us toward self-love and healing?
Will we stop letting our history of failure and self loathing destroy our bodies, minds and spirits?

Forgive and love the beautiful you ! 

~Jerry Moschella~

The Journey with Jerry: "Your Most Important Job"

You were born with one vessel. If you drill holes in it or allow someone else to, without a doubt, you will sink.


The Journey with Jerry: Are You Ready to Make the Leap?

Excuses go against the very nature of the universe. Your life has purpose and living it takes courage and trust. The Universe is there waiting for you to have the courage to shine your light on the world and when you believe that, everything will fall in place.

So what is it you want? What are your dreams? What do you love doing? What have you always wanted to do?

Achieve complete health?
Write a book?
Travel the world?
Feed the poor?
Run for president?

The sky is the limit!

You are here for a reason so don’t waste this precious time.

The Journey with Jerry: Listen to Your Soul

We spend so much time trying to determine what we should be doing in life. We hate or jobs and often aimlessly wander in hope of discovering our calling in life. Infomercials after infomercials leads to dead-ends and frustration. Instead of trying to figure out what you should pick, how about simply deciding what you are going to do and develop a clear path to achieve it. Don’t randomly pick what you should be doing. Listen to your soul and make the decision. ~ Jerry Moschella

The Journey with Jerry: Peace

Have we been mindfully aware of the havoc that can occur in our bodies, minds and spirits when setting unrealistic expectations on ourselves?  While there are numerous personality styles, none of them are perfect. We all struggle for peace in our lives but when we don’t measure up with others it often leads to emotional pain, depression, anxiety and self-loathing.


We are ALL beautifully made creative beings with our own dreams, our own passions and or own desires. Use your time here to learn, to grow, to heal and most of all to live and spread love, for that is what brings true peace. ~ Jerry Moschella