The Journey with Jerry ~ Shine Your Light

You record and remember every criticism as if they define you. You lose sight of any potential greatness because you can’t see beyond the perceptions of others and ultimately yourself. Your creative nature is put to sleep due to internal struggles that you cannot seem to let go of.

Just image breaking through that wall that has defined you throughout your life and finally seeing your true potential. The creative nature that you were born with has been waiting to breakout for years. It is time to shine your light and make the world a better place! ~ Jerry Moschella

The Journey with Jerry: Say Goodbye to Dependencies

Emotional wounds that are not grieved, forgiven, or healed can often poison the psyche and create psychological habits and patterns that trigger unhealthy sources of pleasure. Numbing the emotional pain often leads to drugs, alcohol, and eating disorders.

Our bodies are designed by nature to remember sources of pleasure, originally designed to help us not hurt us. When we continually seek an unhealthy pleasure it becomes physically etched into the brain as a preferred path and it becomes the place to go when a stress response is triggered in the body. Eradicating the physical cravings by ignoring and weakening the old path and etching new healthy sources of pleasure in your brain can be extremely powerful. Combining that power with changing habits and patterns and working together with a health practitioner can lead to healing the body, mind, and spirit!

Set peace of mind as your goal and build healthy sources of pleasure in your brain. Get the help you need and celebrate by saying goodbye to your dependencies! – Jerry Moschella

The Journey with Jerry - Positive Growth

Fear of leaving your comfort zone is a precursor of mediocrity. Complacency stunts growth and ignores the root cause of your fear. Challenge yourself to grow beyond where you are. What is it that you really want? What is holding you back? Seek the help you need to move forward. You are worth it! ~ Jerry Moschella

The Journey with Jerry ~ Our Truth

Commitments often become a reflection of our fortitude. Our truth will only be powerful when we take the conscious actions needed to achieve that which we seek. Stand tall and powerful in our truth every day! ~ Jerry Moschella