The Journey with Jerry: Strong In Your Own Power

No matter what has happened in your life or who has hurt you, nothing or no one has the power to stop you from achieving what you were sent here to do. When you make the decision to live proudly in your own power you emulate self-love, truth, authenticity, and creativity. Enable yourself to achieve what you came here to do on your personal journey.

Are you relinquishing your power? Are you letting abuse, pain, and failure stop you from living your truth? When you put yourself first you promote an abundance of strength, you are no longer broken-down or defeated, you are living your true purpose! Are you clear on your purpose?

The Journey with Jerry - Achieving Success

Success is driven by fortitude

Fortitude is driven by faith

Faith is driven by dreams and visions

Dreams and visions are driven by passion ~ Jerry Moschella


The Journey with Jerry - Taking Action

There is often great internal suffering when we hurt or disappoint ourselves and others. While there are  consequences for our actions you still have the ability to make it right, to take a positive action right now, to be honest and real with yourself, to understand and forgive, and to exude love in all medias of communication. The benefits are unfathomable! ~ Jerry Moschella