The Journey with Jerry - Live Your Dream

Going after your dreams is one of the most empowering actions you can take on your personal journey. Set a goal to identify your purpose in this life and pay close attention to what you are most passionate about. When you are armed with this information and you are ready to leap, you will attract everything you need to be successful. If your purpose is clear and your passion is deep, they will over-ride the fears and frustrations along the way and the doors of opportunity will open wide! ~ Jerry Moschella

The Journey with Jerry - Self Healing

In my journey for self-healing I have looked back through the journals of my life, from the very first time I recalled fear, to reliving my horrified face while being bullied for being different, to recognizing insecurities that kept me from realizing how beautiful and talented I was, to looking at the sadness and pain in my heart when my father walked away from his family.  As I continued going through these “files” of my life I began to understand the root causes of much of my struggles.

While I am not necessarily proud of some of the ways I chose to deal with my pain over the years, it led me to an awakening of the truth, it helped me be present with myself, to love who I was and who I was becoming. It led me to my journey of self-healing and eventually to sustainable transformation.  I remember what I would refer to as angels that met and coached me throughout my many paths, who provided unconditional love, patience, and spiritual guidance. 

Be true to yourself, seek help when you need it, be in the present moment, love yourself unconditionally, go after your dreams no matter your age or how ridiculous they sound.  Transform your life.  - Jerry Moschella

The Journey with Jerry - A Pure Mind

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. - Buddha

The Journey with Jerry - Forgiveness & Growth

There is no personal growth when you harbor anger, hurt, or animosity.

Understanding, forgiveness, and unconditional love in action brings peace to the soul, provides healing to those around you, and helps you grow beyond your limitations.

The tongue is powerful enough to destroy a soul in seconds. Be aware of your impact before you speak and celebrate your growth. - Jerry Moschella

The Journey with Jerry - Healing Addictions

Emotional wounds that are not grieved, forgiven, or healed can often poison the psyche and create psychological habits and patterns that trigger unhealthy sources of pleasures like drugs, alcohol, and eating disorders that often numb the emotional pain.

The more the unhealthy pleasure is sought, the more it becomes physically etched into the brain as the preferred path when a stress response is triggered in the body.  Eradicating the physical cravings by ignoring and weakening the old path and building new healthy sources of pleasure in your brain can be extremely powerful.  Combining that power with changing habits and patterns can lead to healing the body, mind, and spirit!

Set peace of mind as your goal and build healthy sources of pleasure in your brain. Celebrate by saying goodbye to your dependencies! – Jerry Moschella

The Journey with Jerry - Inspirational Quote of the Day

“You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~Buddha

The Journey with Jerry - Inspirational Quote of the Day

Goals mean nothing without a commitment to achieve them. It takes fortitude and courage to commit, but it takes self-love to turn them into reality. Love yourself every day! - Jerry Moschella

The Journey with Jerry - Tribute to Ed Singleton

Beautiful people and amazing memories are never forgotten. Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated! Love is an amazing healer!  - Jerry

The Jouney with Jerry- Inspirational Quote of the Day

Complacency is the forerunner of mediocrity. You can never work too hard on attitudes, effort and technique.
- Don Meyer

Stay Sharp Minded!