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Spirituality is generally a very personal, private encounter. One between an individual and their maker. Very few people are blessed with the ability to teach others how to grow spiritually and better yet understand how it truly matters in EVERY area of their life. Jerry has been my spiritual confident, counselor and friend for more then three decades. His humanitarian values and views on the keys of balance in one's life had not only helped me to be the person I am today, but through his support and true honesty I have learned how to recognize the clues that "show up" as indicators, of unresolved issues that cloud our judgment and cause unhealthy results in our body, mind and spirit. 
Through Jerry's constant quidance and support, I have learned how to become totaly REAL with myself. He has the GIFT of knowing how to ask "the tough questions" while remaining sensitive, supportive and spiriutally aware of the issues that cause one to feel insecure, unhappy, self-destructive or over weight. If you are foruntate enough to be given a small portion of his time, your life will be forever changed for the better! Jerry is an incredible Life Coach! You will forever be thankful for his guidance. - Sylvia Glymph


I heard about Jerry Moschella from a friend who highly recommended him, it took me a while to get the courage to take the next step as I have never been one to share my personal issues with anyone; however, I needed help. My health was failing, I was over weight, I didn’t feel good in my body and I had no ambition to workout. I felt inferior at work and struggled at home. I did not feel good about myself at all. I have kept these issues inside for many years.

When I finally got the courage to meet with Jerry, it only took a few minutes to feel comfortable talking with him, I was completely engaged through the entire session. Honestly, I did not want the session to end. Throughout the remaining sessions he helped me identify the root causes of my fears, stress and self-doubt. He helped me realize how important and special I am, that I am here for a purpose and challenged me find it.  He guided me to understand the importance of proper nutrients in the body and how to maximize what my body needs to function and heal.  He proved to me that I could achieve anything I set my mind to, he gave me tips to overcome diversity, and he helped me with family life.

This is a loving man with a great deal of wisdom. I am a better man for knowing him. Thank You Jerry!


Sue, A
I began my journey with Jerry to improve my overall health. His coaching and mentoring have been very instrumental in helping me to make healthy lifestyle changes. I signed up for the 6-month Sustainability Program to lose weight and to educate myself on how to eat properly. He not only educated me on the right foods to eat like lean meats, vegetables and grains, he also taught me what foods to avoid and how to reduce the toxins in my body. I lost 25 pounds. My A1C went from 9.7 to 6.0 and my blood glucose monitoring went from 169 to 70! During my journey, I received so much more than nutritional guidance. Jerry gave me the inspiration to believe in myself and what I could accomplish. His coaching, mentoring and spiritual guidance allowed me to make lifestyle changes and achieve my goals. He has introduced me to meditation, deep breathing exercises and how to relieve stress and pain. I received so much more during my 6-months sessions than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you so much for all your guidance and coaching. You are truly an inspiration.

Ann-Marie, S
I began my "Journey with Jerry" to lose weight that just wasn't coming off. What I got was so much more! Instead of a quick fix to lose pounds I focused on a holistic approach to life that has affected my whole being. Jerry's guidance to show you how to choose the correct nutrition has made a 360 degree change in my physical and mental health. My brain fog was gone almost immediately and my numbers are the best ever with a 77 point drop in my total cholesterol. As a result of dropping weight and greatly reducing INFLAMMATION in my body, I lost 25 inches over the course of the program. The inflammation was a really BIG deal for me. Jerry has a gift of relating to you during your one on one consultations and helps you to discover the "WHY" we get off track with eating. He truly offers clients a chance to a experience real TRANSFORMATION! Thanks Jerry. I so appreciate all your direction.

Deborah, C
I attended Jerry's class on Managing Anxiety. I truly believe it's the best 1.5 hr I have spent in a very long time. Jerry speaks with such passion and experience from all walks of life. He speaks in simple, honest terms..The strategies and natural techniques he shared to manage anxiety, panic attacks, health issues, exercise, depression were all fabulous and many I have not heard before from any other therapists. All, can easily be applied immediately into my busy life. I took 2 pages of notes and could have written more... Thank you Jerry for all you do!

Robert, J
Jerry has been a tremendous help in restructuring my life. His knowledge in nutrition and spiritual guidance has helped me to stay focused on changing my life. Since meeting with him, my A1c numbers dropped from over 9 to 6, my fasting blood sugar tests improved dramatically, I have lost 23 pounds, and I am only halfway through his program.  Jerry's motivation and tremendous level of compassion to help others has been a breath of fresh air. Axios Therapeutics is truly the new wave of thinking on how life should be lived in today's world!

William, D
It was one week before my annual physical, when I stepped on the scale and was shocked to see 225 pounds; my highest weight in my 55 years! My annual physical wasn’t much better… High blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, elevated liver enzymes and decreased kidney function. I knew I had to do something and talked my doctor into giving me six months before I had to start a barrage of medication. Knowing I needed help with this, I contacted Jerry at Axios Therapeutics. He set up an initial consultation and took the time to listen to me. From there, he educated me on how my body reacts to different foods and set me up on a nutritional plan….not a diet! He also insisted that I have my doctor sign-off on the plan, which I really liked. That is the professionalism I was looking for in a health coach. 
Jerry worked with me through the next six months coaching me on nutrition, exercise and inspiring me to focus on success. It paid off!! I went back to the doctor at the six month mark 25 pounds lighter at my goal weight of 200 pounds! My cholesterol went from 220 to 140! Resting pulse rate from 92 to 72! Glucose below 100! My liver and kidneys are now showing normal. My blood pressure went from 160/100 to 140/90; positive results, but still a little high thanks to my heredity, so we started medication for that. But that’s the only medication I take. My doctor was amazed at the results! So many people I know go on these fad diets losing 5 pounds a week for 8 weeks only to gain it all back again and more. I call this the yo-yo diet! With Jerry’s help, I learned how to eat right and keep the weight off. I have more energy and a positive focus on life!

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