New Client Offer - Only $49
The Offer Includes an Initial Consultation Session.   

Initial Consultation:
The consultation provides an opportunity for you to share your overall health and wellness concerns, to discuss your ambitions and potential goals, and to identify how we can work together to help you on your journey. This program covers all areas of your life so that we may together, find the root causes that have held you back from sustainable change in the past. This is a true mind, body and spirit experience.

*All programs are personalized to address each client’s unique individual needs and lifestyles. Cost will be discussed based on the individual circumstances.

Client sessions can be done by telephone, tele-conference, skype, or at my office in Sturbridge, MA by appointment only.                                 


As a Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Health Coach, Jerry’s holistic approach to health and wellness includes the understanding of how all areas of our lives are connected and can affect our health and wellness as a whole. Jerry will use his knowledge and experience to help identify root causes of health and wellness issues and map out a unique plan and program specifically developed for each client. Together he will help clients to reach their goals in areas such as achieving optimal weight, reducing pharmaceutical drugs, eliminating toxins, food cravings, increasing sleep, maximizing energy, and ultimately preventing and eliminating disease in the body.

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Initial Consultation
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